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Why this Blog?

Different Azure Certification exams have different mandates and expectation from the candidate. The proposition and depth of coverage depends upon the targeted audience. In this series of blog posts I would like you to understand the purpose behind these certification and more importantly – How to approach these examinations?

Is there a shortcut / trick to pass Microsoft certificate examination?

As a trainer I often meet students / aspirants who want to know the trick to pass the certification exam (probably they look for some shortcut methods to pass these certification exams – you know what I am talking about) but frankly speaking there is no shortcut; hard work, dedication and sincere efforts will only bring true happiness after you succeed in these examination.

7 Things you should know about Azure Cloud Storage

Cloud has now become the first choice for most of the enterprise for hosting workloads. Azure cloud offers different options for storing different types of contents on cloud.1. Storage AccountAzure Storage offers a massively scalable object store for data objects, a...

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