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SkillMentoring offers plethora of courses on different technologies. The design of these courses is result of our extensive experience of 27 years in designing and delivering course on various information technology to IT as well as Non-IT professionals coming from diverse background and experience.

Cloud Computing Essentials

The course is designed to give you a head start in cloud technologies. The course make you understand and visualize how the the cloud computing is solving business problems. It will also excite & ignite your imagination about enormous possibilities the cloud computing offers to all sizes of business – big or small or enterprise. You will also be introduced to two major cloud providers Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Application Developing for Azure

Cloud computing has changed the way the applications are designed and developed. Learn different cloud application design patterns and practices along with hands-on implementation. During the course, you will learn how to migrate or develope applications The course covers use of Azure SDK to exploit Azure Cloud PaaS offerings, configure and use different deployment techniques.

Architecting Cloud Solution on Azure

This training provides an environment for developers and IT Pros to come together and learn the architecture skills necessary to design solutions for Microsoft Azure. The classroom experience for this training is high-level review of the pre-requisite materials students are expected to have completed in advance. Then, students will assemble into groups to work on several real-world design case studies to design solutions for the Microsoft Azure platform.

IoT on Azure

IoT (Internet of Things) is picking very fast. The course is designed to introduce IoT and it’s implementation on Azure cloud. During this course you will get hands-on experience in connecting IoT device to cloud, ingest data into Azure storage services, develop application to process, and perform analytics. You will also learn how to install OS on IoT device and configure it to send data to cloud.

Azure StorSimple

The course is specially designed for enterprises using StorSimple  technology for hybrid data storage. The course covers the macro and micro level details of implementing and operating StorSimple technology on Azure. The course explains – How to use StorSimple integrated storage solution that manages storage tasks between on-premises devices and Azure cloud storage

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

The course introduces different services offered by Azure cloud and how they connect with each other. The course also explains the relationship and interdependency between them. In this you you will start exploring & creating different services offered by Azure cloud. You will be building a simple PoC (Proof of Concept) to solve real-life business problem.

Implementing Infrastructure on Cloud

The course is designed for IT-Pro (Information Technology Infrastructure specialists) who are involved in – Building entirely new IT infrastructure on cloud, Migrating on-premises workload to cloud, or Implementing hybrid cloud infrastructure. The course is designed to equip the IT Pro with skills to handle design & implementation challenges.

Migrating to Cloud

The course is designed to impart essential skills and knowledge on how to ascertain feasibility of moving on-premises workloads to cloud, and create a clear migration strategy & path. The course provides hands-on experience of using different tools for assessing on-premises workloads. It also provides in-depth understanding & interpretation of SLAs associated with different cloud services.

Azure Cloud Data Platform

The focus of this course is on designing and implementing cloud data platform solutions with the Microsoft Data Platform by using SQL Server on-premises, hybrid and cloud data platform solutions. It describes how to design and implement and optimize workloads in hybrid scenarios with both on-premises and Microsoft Azure cloud-based solutions, and how to implement high availability and disaster recovery solutions.

Azure Machine Learning

Machine Learning is going to be the next revolution in IT. Understand ML components, statistical algorithms and their use case will help you seizing job opportunities in ML & Data Analytics domain. As part of the course you will be creating models, experiments, and train them. The course provides hands-on experience on – data ingestion and preparation, model development and experiment management, and use BI for generating reports and dashboards.

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